Living in Warsaw, being brought up here – you begin to ask yourself questions. Why does a street in the city centre end abruptly, to continue where you do not expect it? Why has Warsaw southern city-centre retained so much of its pre-war glamour, when northern city centre comprises almost exclusively of modern buildings? Why such divisions: the odd side of a street has all of its pre-war monuments, the even one has none?
So we kept wondering, as well as we kept wandering – being after Warsaw we tried to replace bewilderment with understanding, which, admittedly, turned into love. We felt more comfortable, but our curiosity had already been boosted.
A couple of times we hanged out with some friends from abroad and showed them round a bit. They proved to enjoy it and we saw how inspiring it is to affect someone’s “stream of consciousness”.  

So, out of passion we became professional guides. At some point certain circumstances made us coalesce...

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